Want to create engaging Instagram Story posts in seconds?Here's how:

Creating a captivating Instagram Story every time you go to post can be time-consuming. You don’t want to skip out on formatting and hashtags but you also have a million other things to do, right? It’s time to start using Instagram Story templates.

Why Instagram Story Templates?

Posting on your Instagram Story can increase your engagement — it’s a place where your followers can interact casually with your brand. If you’re using your IG Stories right, it can be an incredible marketing tool.

Posting polls and asking questions on your story can increase engagement and provide insight into your audience. Even asking seemingly irrelevant questions can help. Did everyone like Biggie Smalls over Madonna in your last poll? Try pairing your next post with an old school hip hop track.

Posting personal or behind-the-scenes content can humanize your brand. Selfies are surprisingly effective for this, they create a sense of accessibility and intimacy for your audience. While personal content doesn’t necessarily have a place on your branded feed, Instagram Stories are inherently more casual.

Most importantly, you need to keep your Instagram Stories cohesive with the rest of your brand. Your colour palette, your filters, and any additional graphics or hashtags need to align with your brand’s identity.

One easy way to achieve this, especially if your working with a marketing team, is to create aesthetically analogous templates to use.

Instagram Story Template Apps

With apps, you can easily build your own template or use one of their pre-existing ones. Our top three include:

Canva, for example, has hundreds of Instagram Story templates browsable by content. You can select one, customize your font, your image, the colour palette, add your own logos, and then upload to Instagram. Add your hashtags or stickers, and you’re done.

Unfold is an incredibly simple app to use. Their templates range on the minimalist side.

Easil is another, similar template app. They’re similar to Canva but offer different typefaces and a ‘Replace Image’ feature. Easil will pick up on colours found in your images and offer them as a colour palette for a matching text overlay.

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