Influencer marketing works. Here's how to reach out to key social media influencers and convince them to work with your brand.

So you’ve found the perfect influencer to work with your brand. Your values align with theirs, they have thousands of followers, and it seems like they would genuinely enjoy your product or service. Now it’s time to reach out and create a long-lasting partnership. The only problem being their DM’s are flooded every day, your comment gets lost in their busy feed, and they essentially have no idea who you are.

Here are three tips to help you connect with your dream influencer:

1. Do Your Research

Make sure you don’t get swept away with how great this social media influencer appears to be without doing a background check. Google them, make sure they don’t have any damaging posts or articles that could hurt your brand by being associated with them.

See what other brands they have worked with in the past – it might be telling of how willing they are to work with different brands. Having long-lasting relationships with brands is also a good sign, although if they don’t it could give you the opportunity to be the first.

Research can also tell you about this individual’s current life events. If they are moving across the country and you sell luggage, it could be the perfect match. Knowing the most you can about the influencer you want to work with will help.

2. Foster a Relationship

Follow your influencer of choice and start engaging with them on their posts. Use candid, personalized comments about what they’ve posted — you don’t want to come out too strong with pushy messaging. Build a personal relationship, first. Sharing their posts helps by showing you’re invested in their brand and their message.

After you’ve built an organic relationship with them, reach out with a personalized message.

3. Reach Out

Your initial message to them on social media should be organic and not sales-focused. Ask them if they would be interested in collaborating and explain a bit about yourself and your brand. Most influencers will have their preferred method of contact on their page. Send them a more in-depth email or message depending on how they like to interact.

Having a strong social media presence will help make your brand an ideal company to work with. Social media influencers won’t want to send their followers to your page if it doesn’t also align with their values, aesthetically or morally.