Have you noticed the IGTV previews in your Insta feed? Could this be the comeback IGTV so desperately needs?

We know IGTV still has it’s usability problems. But, recent changes have caused a spike in IGTV use — which has increased by roughly 300-1000%. Don’t get left behind by dismissing IGTV just yet. Here’s how to up your IGTV engagement, keep your feed cohesive, and navigate Instagram’s most underused aspect.

IGTV used to be exclusively on its own channel. Who wants to interrupt that continuous scroll through one’s news feed to switch to another area of Instagram? And for those creating content, who wants to create a 10-minute video for a platform that you can’t monetize? Unfortunately for IGTV, the answer was no one.

But IGTV hasn’t given up. Now, it appears in your Instagram feed and you can add previews to your IGTV to your page. They’re still working out solutions to IGTVs issues but until the next update, here’s how you can capitalize off of its current status.

Share Previews on Your Feed.

For those of you making IGTV videos, make sure you’re sharing a preview on your feed.

Brands like Sephora reported a massive increase in engagement on their videos following the update. Prior to, Sephora was reporting an average of 70k views, now it’s over a million.

Be Cognizant of Your Cover Photo.

Your cover photo shows up on your IGTV, in your feed, and on your carefully curated, aesthetically-pleasing IG page.

Don’t post something off-brand. It’ll throw off your feed, your brand, and your followers.

IGTV new feature instagram

The Importance of the 1-minute Mark.

Ever watch soap operas? Scandal? House of Cards? Even if you don’t, you’re probably familiar with what a cliff-hanger looks like. You’re going to want to use a similar structure for your IGTV preview. Interest your viewers enough to find out what’s next after the 1-minute mark on your IGTV preview, leading them to click Keep Watching, bringing them to your IGTV channel.

Your Video Title Doubles as the Photo Preview Caption on Your Feed.

You can’t change it, so make sure the IGTV title works for both the video and the photo preview.