Humanizing your brand, selling your product, gaining legitimacy for your company, and ranking on Google through SEO can all come from well-written blog posts. Properly strategized content can help with site traffic and bounce rates, improving conversion rates. Blogs are, without question, a great tool in your marketing arsenal.

But, are you getting the most out of the content you have? What about the content that is now sitting, ignored, in the backrooms of your blog? Repurposing old content is like finding money, little effort for a big reward.

It’s time to dust off those evergreen posts, making your archives work for you.

Group Posts Together Into a Guide
Take a look at your older blog posts, grab a few that have performed well or have a central theme. For example, you have older posts revolving around your office culture. We would structure the post to look something like this:

The Top Three Ways to Relax at AntiSocial Solutions

1. Getting Our Stretch On
Living and working in downtown Vancouver means we’re lucky enough to interact with Yogi’s like Christie Baumgartner. Christie’s visits to our office always help up to get up out of our chairs and take a few, deep breaths.
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2. Chilling With Our Furry Friends
Dogs have been a part of the AntiSocial family since the very beginning when Charles, a Beagle x Cavalier King Charles, would attend sales calls with Co-founder Daryl Louie. Studies have shown that just petting a dog can increase stress-reducing hormones and reduce stress-producing hormones.
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3. Unwinding at the Hatch Winery
While we can’t do this every day, our team will happily take the opportunity to visit the Hatch wineries in the Okanagan. Following an intense event-based project which took them out of the city to Kelowna, the AntiSocial team stopped in at the Hatch tasting emporium for some much-needed R n’ R.
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Give Old Posts a Facelift
Provide updates to your old posts with new information. All you have to do for this is re-post the old post with a topical update to the top. For example, we can take this post we made in June 2018 on Instagram’s Algorithm and add “Update: Instagram just announced a new algorithm update, more to come on this soon.” when Instagram does actually release an update.

Write Short-form Articles to Supplement Old Posts
When you’re creatively-tapped out for content but need to post something for consistency, it can be tempting to write a small, meaningless post and call it a day. You can supplement these 200-word posts with internal links to older posts, directing your viewers to longer, more engaging posts while also staying on track with your posting schedule.

Create a ‘Popular’ Page or Feature Post
One of the easiest ways to repurpose old content is to create a ‘Popular Posts’ section or include a Feature Post on the top of your blog. This way you can circulate through older posts on the front page of your blog, putting them directly in front of viewers.

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