Successful content creation doesn't happen without some hard behind-the-scenes work.

We work with successful content marketers every day — and we’ve picked up on a few of their helpful habits.

Stay informed.

Successful content creators read articles and predict trends. Our content marketers have their favourite blogs and news sources that are constantly updating them on the world of content creating and marketing. Some favourites are the Digital Agency Network, Later, and Hubspot. They see what others in our industry are up to and research the competition (read: Instastalk our industry-friends).

Create constantly.

The people we work with are constantly ideating and creating. And hey, successful creators know that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But, when they ask a question on their Instastory and no one responds, they know they have to change tactics. Failure is and will always be intrinsically connected to success.

The continuous act of creating things falls outside of work, too. For most of us, turning off means shutting down our phones to write, film, photograph, teach, rap, evolve… It’s attending a Spin class or taking our bikes out to create something with the act of movement. It’s continuously pursuing what inspires us and bringing that back to our professional lives.

Share other people's content.

Social media is a place for your audience to interact with your brand. It’s a place to start a conversation and one way to do that — and to let your audience know you care about them — is to share their content. Make sure you give proper credit and add your own commentary. Explain why you’ve shared it, especially if it’s a controversial piece because starting a debate on your page is actually a good thing.

It’s also a chance to align yourself with what you or who you believe in, support your community, and give credit where credit’s deserved.

Know that the internet is a big place.

Always remember, the internet is a huge place. Without a little help, it’s doubtful most of your audience will find you. Once you understand how you’re getting most of your traffic, you can start creating strategies focused on improving in the areas you would like to improve. Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your success with reaching these goals.

Network, network, network.

Successful content creators have a wide circle of other, successful content creators. We’re always networking, helping out other agencies or freelance contractors with referrals when projects don’t fit the scope of our company. And, we get referrals from others in our circle, too. There’s always someone to turn to for advice and problem-solving or for new ideas on strategy.

Our company attends events like KnowShow, where networking is always an added bonus; events like this give us the chance to meet some incredible industry professionals. We’ve also had chance meetings on places like Instagram, it just goes to show — you can network anywhere.

The better your network, the better you can be. Successful content creators lift each other up — remember, we’re all in this industry together.

Want to create with us? Drop us a line — we’re always down to chat about marketing, digital media, or our extreme dog obsession.


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