We’re back to school with a new Talk Nerdy to Me! In our first session back after a little hiatus, our Strategy team presented a brand new lens to view a world touched by COVID. They introduce high-level archetypes that brands need to understand to navigate the future.

Director of Strategy Helen Androlia, and Senior Strategists Erin Dafos and Jasmine Bulgin pioneer a new way to help us identify and anticipate the average North American’s needs, beliefs, and barriers.

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Marketing During Uncertain Times

Yes, we (like you) have long since gotten tired of hearing the phrase “in these uncertain times”, and while we cannot argue that these times are indeed uncertain, that doesn’t mean we have nothing to learn. Thinkingbox’s Strategy team have identified several high-level archetypes to help us understand these “after times” and better speak to consumers.

When it comes to the planning of the future, our lens has narrowed to define three separate approaches with particularly poignant crossover between them. We are all humans, afterall, speaking to and working with humans. In short: we’re all in this together.

“Stress has changed us,
    and it will continue to do so.” 

The TBX Strategy Team believe that the majority of consumers can be described in one of three ways.

The Challenger - David

There is an entire subset of people on the path back to a “new normal,” whatever that may look like. Most of these folks want it to have happened yesterday. Unfortunately, it hasn’t.

Everyone wants solutions, that indisputable. However, the person that is a Challenger responds especially positively to solutions, and even actively seeks them out. They are pragmatic and seek action, opportunity, and to overcome a challenge.

Keys to include: Coming together. Repairing. Groups over individuals.

The Apprehender - Mark

Somewhere in between those eager to get back out there, and the folks that are comfortable keeping things at home, are those anticipating a return to a return(but only if every precaution is taken to get us there safely and slowly). It is a step-by-step approach.

Apprehension and uncertainty is the name of the game for most people right now, making the Apprehender group somewhat of a majority.

Keys to include: Coming together. Repairing. Ease of anxiety. Details regarding uncertainty.

The Negotiator - Harris

In the opposite direction of the consumer that is ready to get back to it, there are those of us that have found a new set of comforting variables. This group of people have fallen into a new pattern, and there is little to no desire to hurry up and return to a wide-open world.

Celebrating new habits, and fresh discoveries is key to touching those in the Negotiator segment.

Keys to include: Ease of anxiety. Compromise. Cautious return. Groups over individuals.

Things that everyone needs:

At the end of the day, we have to be looking at the world differently these days, and this applies to how we market in 2021 and beyond.

Personified above are three approaches to a delicate, and yet enthusiastic world state. Finding which way to direct our action, coping, and planning is fundamental.

Above all, the world needs many things these days, and even if you do not boil things down into one of three broad categories, there are some values and words that every person is clamouring for in these Uncertain Times.

Watch the full Talk Nerdy to Me

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