The COVID-19 crisis caused the closure of many businesses. But for essential services, like grocery stores, the crisis meant quick pivots, safety protocols, and an increased workload.

Our clients at Co-op knew they could rely on us to shift their marketing messages to a more community-centred and health-first approach.

Through educational messaging, inspiring connective campaigns, and a whole lot of creativity, we managed to help Co-op shine during these trying times.

Changing messaging to suit the times

COVID-19 was not convenient for anyone. Co-op, like all businesses, had many plans for spring promotions, social campaigns, and product launches.

But a crisis is a crisis. Instead of freezing in place, we mobilized Co-op’s online presence to fit the times.

We shifted all of our content to ensure that we were not encouraging people to come into stores unnecessarily or gather in groups, and concentrated on inspirational recipes that were catered to an at-home lifestyle.

We used Co-op’s social channels for business operation updates while ensuring local Co-op health initiatives were highlighted.

On World Health Day, we organized Co-op employees from different stores to hold up thank-you signs to support the front line workers. All of these pivots helped build their brand integrity while keeping them connected to their community.


The Co-op Helps campaign

Co-op Helps was a nomination campaign, both internally and for the public, that allowed Co-op members to thank anyone in their life that had done something thoughtful or helpful in the time of COVID-19.

By sharing personal stories of community, connection, and resilience, the campaign was aimed at spreading positivity and joy in a trying time.


Our initial goal was to raise 1000 nominations. Within the first week, we had raised more than 3000! This goal was achieved through social media advertising as well as media buying campaigns, all executed by the AntiSocial team.

Once the nominations were collected we created graphics for the Co-op social accounts that shared the stories in a clear and visual way. We also wrote up their stories and shared them on the Co-op Cares website.

Winners were randomly selected and each winning nomination received a $100.00 Co-op gift card.

Community matters in a crisis

The most important goal during COVID-19, for us, and Co-op, was to ensure that their customers felt seen, heard, and connected during a very difficult time.

By creating compassionate campaigns, shifting our focus to health, safety, and security, and highlighting do-gooders throughout Western Canada, we were able to spread positivity and strength the Co-op community.

We are proud to support essential workers during this time. This crisis has taught us the value of community and the beauty of Canadian compassion.

Stay safe out there! From your friends at AntiSocial Solutions