Luna VR is a virtual reality experience that helps ease the stress felt during medical procedures. More than 20% of our population suffers from having a fear of needles and medical visits. That is 7,341,000 people who fear going to the doctor and getting vaccines.

By creating an engaging virtual experience, Luna VR aims to change the way people experience medical procedures. They approached our team with the intention of creating an information-based media that would showcase their product and teach its benefits.

Using Media to Educate

Though a fear of needles and medical procedures is very common and not exclusive to one demographic, we chose to focus this project on a younger audience.

As they navigate their way through growing up, young children are forced into many new experiences. Vaccines and other injections can seem quite frightening, but many kids, especially those with diabetes or other such illnesses, may need to face regular injections in order to stay healthy. For these kids, getting comfortable with medical procedures early on can prevent a lifetime of fear and worry.

Our challenge was to create a scene that was both inviting and educational for both the talent and the viewer.


Kids Make Work Fun

There is a popular trope in film and media that says, “Never work with animals or children.” The idea is that both groups are difficult to direct and can be unpredictable. But, over the years our media team has done a lot of work with both. Our dog-friendly office culture gives us a lot of opportunity to highlight our canine companions. And our diverse clientele has presented many opportunities to work with children, from summer cookout events to this exciting shoot.

Our main goal was to show the reason behind the invention of Luna VR and also to keep our talent happy. We had to walk a careful line as we presented these kids with a scary experience (that being the injections) and simultaneously lifted their spirits with the VR experience.

To make the process enjoyable, we coached our talent and made sure they were happy throughout. We requested that they do some acting near the end of their on-camera experience, so that we knew they were all comfortable for the duration, and that their ‘fear’ was purely pretend. We also set up a studio in our office, to create a clean, white space that portrayed the medical basis of the product.


Good Work for Good People

We were really happy with the outcome of this shoot. Not only did we get to work with some really great kids, but we also got to have a hand in creating media that makes a real impact.

Using our powers for good is always a welcomed gift at AntiSocial. We are proud to work with various thought-leaders and educators across the country and we value the role that our work has in creating change.

A big thanks to Luna VR and their team for creating such a cool and inspiring product. We can’t wait to see how this company grows. Check out a few more highlights from the shoot below and contact our media team if you’re ready to create something new with us.