New offices, new projects, new wins! Our merger with Thinkingbox has opened up new doors for our team and clients.

One of our most recent web projects, a dynamic and carefully designed website for Happy Egg, has created quite a buzz online. Check out some of the fun work our team did on this project and if you’re looking for a stylish new website of your own, contact us.


The Story

Happy Egg is an organization committed to healthy chickens, caring farmers, and happy eggs. They believe that the best food comes from careful, organic practices, and they help communities around the world improve their egg farming practices.

“Always Choose Happy” was the starting point for this re-design. We wanted to ensure we delivered the message that happy eggs are the best eggs, while also creating something fun, interactive, and enjoyable for users to experience.

Our team handled UX/UI, strategy, design, development, content production, photography, art direction, compositing, copywriting, and motion graphics. Let’s just say, this was no small feat.

All About Eggs

One of the most exciting parts of this project was creating motion graphics. Chickens, eggs, farmers, oh my! With so many different movements, shapes, and designs, we were excited to stretch our creative legs.

We really wanted to show what goes into the making of an egg. From farm to chicken, nest to table, there is so much more to creating healthy eggs than simply owning chickens.

Connecting the campaign to the natural setting of the farm was a big part of achieving this goal. The graphic below shows happy chickens exploring their wide-open farm space.

Egg yolks have a unique shape and a wide range of motion. Re-creating this effect digitally was a challenge. Through user input and careful web animations, we were able to bring this nebulous form to life.

It's A Winner, Baby!

On top of being an awesome, diverse, and team-building project, this site also took home an Awwward, FWA, and CSS Award!

Making cool stuff for people who care is what we’re all about! We are so excited to continue on this digital journey with our new team members at Thinkingbox. If you’re looking to take your web design to the top, reach out to us.