B2B events can introduce your product or services to other professionals. They create brand awareness by cutting through the noise of social media and advertising, letting you educate and inform your audience.

Working at a digital marketing company, we’re often focused on what happens online, behind the screens of our laptops or the lenses on our cameras. Sometimes, we take a step back, recognize how important being face-to-face is, and dive into an event.

We recently had the chance to attend a Lunch and Learn at Oakwyn Realty. This B2B, or business-to-business, event involved discussing our industry expertise with others who are experts in their industry.

Media Manager Warren Fenton, Project Manager Scott Mackay, and Account Director Geordie Flanagan spoke during a half-hour Lunch and Learn. The AntiSocial team discussed the benefits of social media marketing as well as the entire digital ecosystem to the agents of Oakwyn.

We sat down with Warren Fenton to gain some insight on the B2B event, what the team offered, and the benefits of B2B events as a whole.

Warren, you mentioned a “digital ecosystem”?

Warren Fenton: “A digital ecosystem involves your entire online presence: your website, social platforms, media, advertising, everything. The idea is that there are all these different things that you want to work together for you or your brand. They should all be good in their own way — you don’t want a strong social that leads to an outdated website. Everything should be holistic in that way.”

Tell us a bit more about the Lunch and Learn at Oakwyn.

WF: “The Lunch and Learn gives us the opportunity to educate people from a bird’s eye view level of what they can potentially do. I think about knowledge on a sliding scale, first of all, you don’t know that you don’t know. The next step is knowing what you don’t know, creating an awareness that something is out there and available to you. Then, we show them what we know. The point of the lunch n learn is for ppl to walk away knowing that they don’t know, that there are options out there for them, and that we can offer those options.”

We were there to help them form their advertising into modern communication and tell them about the routes available to them.

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We have most of this information on our site for potential clients, what specifically about explaining everything at a B2B event do you think is useful?

WF: “With face-to-face, what’s always nice is the Q&A at the end where we can address specific questions. The amount of time sometimes is too little, but it can lead to a meeting afterwards. Doing it all in person is great, you can give a surface level explanation of everything together and then touch on industry-specific facts. Afterwards, we explain how we can help you reach your goals.

It’s not purely a sales pitch which is really important. The explanation is enough to introduce someone who is new to this, giving them a jumping off point to start researching. We’re speaking from our expertise to someone with a very different set of expertise. And they may have some of this dialled, often realtors have a great website, but they may also need help driving leads. At the Lunch and Learn, all of the things we were explaining to the Oakwyn agents were methods to get there.”