Your Nonprofit and Scholarship Program Needs a Specific Marketing Strategy.

Often, programs that give back to their communities are so busy making the world a better place that marketing initiatives fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, without these marketing programs, the good that charities, nonprofits, and scholarships can do is limited. Getting the word out there to potential donors, investors, mentors, and those in need should be a paramount part of your program. With more reach, comes greater opportunity — that’s why nonprofits and scholarship programs need a marketing team.

We’ve been lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to work with causes that we, as a company and as individuals, care deeply about.

Plaid for Dad

Every year, thousands of Canadian’s wear plaid in an effort to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Canada. Over the past 25 years, Prostate Cancer Canada has invested roughly $120 million into research and mortality rates have, incredibly, been cut in half. One effort that helps contribute is Plaid for Dad where everyone wears plaid on the Friday before Father’s Day. Participants fundraise money, snap photos to share, and spread awareness with the hashtag #PlaidforDad.

Recently, we were offered the opportunity to give back and be a Plaid for Dad’s media team. We were happy to donate our time and effort to a cause like this. The media leads on this project, Warren Fenton and Cristobal Ruiz, both have experienced prostate cancer in their families and the project became much more than simply another video for them. Plus, we were able to provide Plaid for Dad with media assets that gained them public attention, assets that they were able to use for advertising and exposure. Without these assets, arguably, the Plaid for Dad campaign would not have obtained the reach it did.

Warren Fenton told us about the project:

Warren Fenton: “The Plaid for Dad ambassador, Eric McCormack, delivered a few pieces of a monologue on camera about why he’s involved and what other people can do to contribute. We also filmed a bit with Indochino — they were donating a certain amount of proceeds from their plaid sales to Plaid for Dad. We filmed the videos with Eric speaking and some b-roll of him trying on a plaid Indochino suit.  We put together three videos with slightly different CTAs or specific ways to contribute.

They actually ended up giving us an award for our work on the project. It’s a cause I think is worth putting time into. It’s affected my family, my grandfather had prostate cancer. He was older, the toughest guy on planet earth and he beat it, I think because he’s stubborn. He lived another 12 years after the chemotherapy, too.”

Beedie Luminaries

Beedie Luminaries is a scholarship program offered to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This particular scholarship program resonated with our team — it’s unique in the fact that it’s offered to “students with potential who are facing financial adversity. Students who are smart, but constrained by circumstance. Students who are resilient and gritty. Students who are ready to make a positive change in their lives.”

We helped Beedie increase their reach and online presence through a curated social media strategy. With Beedie, a distinctive online presence is important not just to increase student applications and attract doners, but to attract mentors to the program as well.