At AntiSocial we love taking the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives and vendors around Vancouver. With our specialty being digital content and marketing, we needed a partner for our IRL marketing needs.

AntiSocial Solutions Business Cards Vancouver

This was when we started working with Print3 over in Gastown. Their custom printing with a wide range of options and materials, combined with their consulting and creative input, has consistently hit the mark for our client projects.

They’ve recently delivered a range of new agency materials that perfectly fit our brand and aesthetic. We needed new business cards for our fast-growing team and wanted a refresh on their design. Our B&W colourway is now complemented with a greyscale city skyline on one side and matte black on the other, with our logo subliminally standing out in gloss. They also made little menus for our digital marketing services.

AntiSocial Solutions Agency Sign

They created two types of wire booklets for us. With our team constantly swapping seats to work with each other, it can be hard for guests to keep track. Now we have flippable desk signs to display our department, role, name or what kind of dog we’d be. We have a new onboarding booklet to help us get to know new clients. It features our hashtag #createwithyousoon and a shot from project manager and photographer Santi that captures our spirit: Love for the West Coast home and our clients’ spark that we turn into fire.

AntiSocial Solutions Client Onboarding Booklet

They also helped us out with our first turn as the official marketing sponsor of KnowShow, the biggest apparel and lifestyle trade show in Western Canada. (Stay tuned for our full event recap soon!)