The Vancouver Police Foundation is one of the amazing local non-profit organizations we’re proud to work with. Founded in 1976, the VPF funds police and community programs thanks to the support of local citizens and businesses. This has resulted in the VPF granting over $7.5 million towards over 150 innovative programs that save lives, prevent crimes and help people throughout our community.

A favourite part of creating content and managing social media for the VPF is getting to join them on location. This is where we see in-person how they positively impact our community and the people in them. Our collaboration recently hit a milestone with a video highlighting their recent achievements and thanking their supporters making it possible. Designed to sum up all the great aspects of the VPF, it premiered on the big screens at a Vancouver Whitecaps game on May 16th.

With the Whitecaps being a VPF community partner, they hosted a VPF event staffed by the Vancouver Police Department and volunteers for the video premiere. It was another perfect moment to share the great work they’re doing and have fun with the community – especially the young Whitecap fans.

Our media team was on hand to capture the event, other staff members joined in and enjoyed the day. We were also treated with tickets to the game and got to see our video play live, which was a nice change from the phones and laptops we’re used to.

We truly admire and appreciate the VPF’s constant commitment to our community and want to take this chance to share what they’re about with their four main programs, along with just a few of many impressive accomplishments from only the first half of 2018.

Youth Programs – Funding programs to keep kids engaged, active, and away from high-risk activities.

Youth Connect 2018 continued this year thanks to a contribution of $10,000. This day-long event gives high school students a forum to discuss trends such as consent, diversity, healthy relationships, personal safety, and safe dating. Now in its 21st year, the Student Challenge for 2018 took in $45,000. Operated by the Youth Services Unit, these funds go to support up to 50 youths per year for the next three years. This gives them the opportunity to participate in activities promoting pro-social values and the development of life skills such as leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Community Outreach & Engagement – Partnering with community groups on programs that have a positive impact.

Their Get Work Cybercrime project received $10,000 to increase awareness of common cyber frauds and associated preventative measures. $10,025 was marked for workshops from the Women’s Personal Safety Team (WPST), which empowers women to feel safe and aware, along with provide the tools to counter asocial violence. This grant continues five years of support for the WPST, seeing it reach over 2000 women in that time.

Mental Health & Addictions – Supporting programs that improve the lives of those in crisis.

$6,690 was raised for the VPD’s Peer Support Unit and their Family Mental Health Training Day. This pilot event was aimed to engage and support VPD families with the mental health challenges that their loved ones will face during their police career.

Technology & Special Equipment – Helping the VPD acquire state-of-the-art tools that save lives and prevent crime.

With $22,000 raised, the VPF is funding a small tactical robot to assist the VPD’s Emergency Response Team. This will provide a safer alternative to both police and the subjects they’re dealing with during critical incidents. For the VPD K9 Unit, they raised $8,500 for a specialized utility trailer for when their furry team members and equipment are on the road.

This is just a small sample of all the important causes the VPF is able to support, if you want to learn more or donate, please visit