The Kernels Popcorn Picasso campaigns use User Generated Content to increase engagement, creating a loyal customer base in the process.

With Kernels Popcorn, we use User Generated Content as the driving factor in our Popcorn Picasso campaigns. User Generated Content or UGC is any kind of content (photos, videos, text, etc.) that has been posted by users on an online platform. Luckily for us, Kernels’ customer base is as loyal as they are creative.

Content Strategist Melissa Tolentino spoke on the successes and necessary failures when testing out campaigns like the Popcorn Picasso Campaign.

Melissa: “The original Popcorn Picasso campaign was incredibly successful. We targeted mothers aged 30-45 years old in places near actual Kernels Popcorn stores, including BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. The contest involved users posting pictures of the art they made with Kernels Popcorn, including the hashtag #popcornpicasso. Winners were chosen and prizes delivered — the whole campaign ended with happy customers and a big increase in engagement.”

Melissa goes on to tell us that while the February Picasso Popcorn Campaign Love wasn’t as successful on paper as the initial campaign in the summer, the insights it gave our marketing team were more than valuable.

Melissa “We tested a younger demographic in the same location as the last campaign. It turns out, our initial assessment of the customer base was correct, proven by the increased engagement in the first round of testing. This is the beauty of A/B testing: Now we know exactly who our target demographic is.

We can narrow down our campaign with specific targeting including geo-targeting. This helps increase engagement across all platforms and overall ROIs. We’re spending this time and money on these campaigns for our loyal customer base.”

The Popcorn Picasso Love ad ran for 10 days and reached 19k people with post engagement over 3700. Overall, the campaign had 75% of women engaging over men. Melissa explains that after AntiSocial took over Kernels Popcorn’s marketing strategy last May, our strategists pivoted from their initial tactics. We changed things like posting frequency and tonality and could sense a shift in their audience as well.

The Popcorn Picasso campaign is in its first tier and doing exceptionally well, especially with providing our team with audience information.