The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a dog-loving Vancouver icon.

We’ve spent the last few years working with the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and although we love every part of their brand, our favourite campaigns involve the dogs of the fairmont.

The Canadian hotel chain has been around for over 100 years and is always pet-friendly. Fairmont’s often come with their own ‘Canine Ambassadors’, too.

In 2017, the hotel hired Ella, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix, and Elly, a Black Labrador, who are often the stars of our dog-centred photo shoots and video work. Being the official canine ambassadors of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, they’re the hotel’s most popular employees. The two pups are Guide Dog dropouts, failing the program due to being too friendly.

Nappin’ on the job? Yes, please. 

The dogs live the good life, working 5 days a week at The Fairmont where naps on shift are encouraged. Noticing a significant increase in engagement on social media posts that involved Ella and Elly, AntiSocial’s social media team increased posting frequency featuring the pooches. The results were increased engagement and a spike in their loyal audience base. Following this discovery and increasing the frequency of Ella and Elly related posts, AntiSocial’s social team began sourcing UGC (User Generated Content) of guests and their dogs. They also began ideating campaigns with furry models at the centre. Again, the results spoke for themselves with increased engagement and an overwhelmingly positive reaction from their following.

The lesson? People love dogs.


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Elly and Ella aren’t the only four-legged Fairmont stars, though. As our other clients, employees, and friends know, AntiSocial is a dog-friendly company. AntiSocial’s headquarters always has a few pups cruisin’ for treats and we regularly use our canine employees to stand in as models.

During a recent photo shoot at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, photographer Alaina Hase (who turns everything she touches to gold) employed Henry Tolentino and Rosie Rosé Wei.

The resulting photos are as adorable as they can be while simultaneously featuring The Fairmont’s elegance. Conveying both cuteness and a sophisticated refinement takes skill, a beautiful backdrop, and two floppy-eared pups. See a sneak peek of the results below:

The Fairmont’s commitment to their brand voice, their love for dogs, and their appreciation of the creative process makes them an ideal client to have.