Holiday Stress & How To Deal

The holidays are almost upon us — our epic week-long Halloween of 2019 has finally come to a close and we’re all gearing up for the winter season. We know that trying to juggle family and work obligations can be tough, so we’ve put together a ‘How To Cope’ list of stress-relieving activities.

We asked the AntiSocial Team what their own stress-relieving activities look like, see below!

Just Breathe & Embrace the Holidays

“I’d say just embrace the holidays for what it really means: spending time with loved ones, giving to your closest friends and family, gifting happiness. It’s cheesy, but if you feel stressed during the holidays, could be financially or family, or whatever, it helps to kind of breathe, take a step back and let yourself embrace the holiday season for all the fun and good things it brings… like eggnog!

I worked holiday retail for so long, I feel like my soul should be sucked during the holidays, but I love this time of the year.” – Michael Panes, Content Strategist

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Self Care

“Music, meditation and marijuana” – Ekke Kanda, Content Strategist

“I escape and do something I love! Like go the barn, sit in a coffee shop and read a book, etc.” – Taylor Lowe, Project Manager

“My go-to to deal with holiday stress is pouring a nice hot cup of tea into my to-go mug and going for a walk no matter the weather outside. It helps to clear my mind and just concentrate on my surroundings (while getting good and cold).

If that doesn’t work, a heavy workout cures all. Sweating out all of your frustrations and leaving them on the gym floor is like a reset button. You leave feeling accomplished, relaxed and ready to jingle all the way home.” – Karley Carpenter, Project Manager

“Getting outdoors is my only way to de-stress. The different activity will depend on how stressed I am.

Family stress is always tackled with a game of cards or a board game. No better way to stick it to your brother than cleaning him out at Monopoly.” – Oli Dickerson, Content Strategist

“The healthy ways I employ are exercise, outdoor time, reading and relaxing. [See below for the unhealthy ways]” – Warren Fenton, Media Manager

“I make sure to rest and drink lots of water. I also like to use the sauna and steam room to unwind.” – Melissa Tolentino, Content Strategist

“I spoon eat Nutella when I’m stressed. I once dummied an entire cheesecake — and I’m lactose intolerant.” – Reza Askari, Project Manager

“I think mainly leaving some time in the middle of it all, like at least one day with no human interaction.

To meditate, read and stuff to give my mind some moments of peace. And self-reflection.” – Bruna Arbex, Videographer

“I ski. Luckily the season for skiing lines right up with all the holidays so I ski the pain away. On those really great days, I can zen out while exercising… or I’m too distracted and I hit a tree.” – Alex Chan, COO

“A warm glass of herbal tea in the evening does me right. And by warm, I mean hot… Combined with chillin and listening to music, potentially making a Spotify playlist.” – Mark Hewitt, Social Strategist

“Mentos.” – Steve Brooks, Lead Front End Developer


“…The unhealthy [ways I employ stress relief are] alcohol and avoiding people.” – Warren Fenton, Media Manager

“Earplugs at dinner.” – Colleen Christison, Copywriter 

“Mental breakdowns and subsequent therapy is my common approach.
But, generally learning to say no more often is a skill I’m always trying to improve. I think it would help.” – Matt Ciniello, Paid Ad Director

“Avoid them and go to Mexico” – Shannon Van Boeyen, Social Strategist

“RED WINE. I’m talking BOTTLES.

I don’t really have holiday stress, to be honest. I just go snowboarding. Nothing stressful about that!” – Aisha Fawkes, Community Manager

“Your favourite holiday cocktail.”  – Rob Lista, Senior Project Manager 

Proactive Planning

“Staying organized! A lot of holiday stress revolves around having lots going on, whether it be family events, work deadlines, holiday plans, or anything in between! Being on top of everything is a great way to keep your bells jingling and your Navidad Feliz!” – Tommy Watson, Editor & Videographer

“I organize my to-do list the night before so the following day is organized and productive.” – Melissa Tolentino, Content Strategist

“Get my Christmas shopping done early, that takes so much of the stress away.” – Romã Estevão, Graphic Designer

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