Bootlegger logo with three people posing in jeans

Bootlegger -the place for jeans- was turning 50 and wanted to celebrate in style (50 years of style to be exact).

An iPhone displaying a Bootlegger TikTok featuring a woman posing in Bootlegger jeans and a jean jacket
Infographic showing $884k revenue gained from paid media

The Ask

Bootlegger sought a nostalgic campaign to help celebrate 50 years of fit and remind people that Bootlegger is just like their favourite pair of jeans: timeless, comfortable, and always in style.

The Solution

AntiSocial and Thinkingbox partnered to leverage 50 years of classic denim styles in retro-inspired creative to drive the message home: Bootlegger is here, for whatever era fits.

Bootlegger logo with four people laying down, staring up into the camera
Infographic showing 6.2% increase in Gen Z visitors


Celebrating the era of fit with retro creative, killer styles, and nostalgic messaging to touch on exactly why we’ve trusted bootlegger with our butts for over 50 years.

Infographic showing 6.5 million total impressions
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