Hero graphic showing an array of Arcane characters
iPhone showing an Arcane character with the Netflix logo
Graphic showing lightning, with text saying Act 1 is here
Infographic showing that Arcane is #1 globally watched tv show

Riot Games’ animated TV series Arcane launched on Netflix in November 2021 and went to #1 in 51 countries.

The Ask

For the launch of Arcane, Riot Games needed support for the immense volume of social media content, and community engagement required.

iPhone showing an instagram story featuring an Arcane character
Close up of Arcane character
Infographic showing 2.7 thousand percent increase in instagram followes

The Solution

We built out a content calendar, conduct social listening, and carried out proactive and reactive community management on a daily basis.

Full width image of an Arcane character shown from behind


Leveraging the expertise of both of our teams to craft incredible social and digital content produced exceptional interactions and response from fans and gamers worldwide.

A grid of Arcane characters paired with their astrological signs
Infographic showing 2.4 thousand percent growth in facebook followers
Infographic showing 8.8 thousand percent growth in twitter followers
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