Blog: My Internship Experience

June 27, 2023

Where did your passion for Influencer Marketing stem from?

My passion for Influencer Marketing goes back to growing up during the golden era of YouTube, a time when I, like many others my age, harbored dreams of becoming an influencer myself (jk…not really). 

Growing up, I was deeply involved in the entertainment industry through competitive dance, which opened some pretty cool doors for me, including dancing alongside my team for Disney and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. During my dance journey, I shared the stage with talented individuals who eventually became influencers themselves. Seeing one of my close friends grow as an influencer definitely piqued my interest and made me want to explore this space further. Even after I moved on from competitive dance, my friendship with this influencer continued, allowing me to get an up-close look at how brands initiate partnerships and what strategies actually work. It got me thinking about what I would do differently if I had the chance.

Driven by my desire to remain within the entertainment industry, I became determined to leverage the knowledge and insights I gained from my friend's experiences as an influencer. That is what led me to studying Marketing at BCIT, which only further confirmed my passion for Influencer Marketing. 


What has been the most enjoyable part of your internship so far?

Definitely working on a campaign from beginning to end. I never thought that I would be given so much trust as an Intern, but I was very wrong! Getting to be a part of a campaign that had to be kept secret for a month wasn’t easy, but watching it come to life has been so rewarding. I also have to say that the people I work with make my internship experience SO much more enjoyable. I never go a day without feeling supported, heard, and respected. 

What has been the most challenging?

The most challenging part of my internship is the unavoidable impostor syndrome. It’s definitely a feeling that creeps up on me, making me question my capabilities as a newcomer in the Marketing industry. Although I know deep down that I have the skills and knowledge to excel in my role, that little voice of self-doubt often tries to tell me otherwise. 

What’s something you’ve learnt about yourself?

Something that I learned about myself during this internship is that I'm capable of pushing beyond my perceived limits and achieve things I never thought possible. I’ve also learned to not hastily judge subjects that I previously believed were unenjoyable, like Excel. While in school, it never crossed my mind that I would find genuine enjoyment in crafting a colossal spreadsheet with over 300 rows. Yet, to my surprise, I did! 


What has been the biggest misconception about working at a social media agency?

One of the most prominent misconceptions I've encountered is the notion that social media agencies foster toxic environments, where an equal voice is not valued. Having previously worked in hierarchical work settings, I approached my internship at AntiSocial with some uncertainty. However, my experience at the agency has been anything but that.

Being at AntiSocial, I've been immersed in a work culture where recognition and support are not just buzzwords but core aspects of the team dynamic. From the very beginning of my internship, I was encouraged to share my thoughts and opinions. It became evident that everyone's voice carries weight at the agency, regardless of hierarchy or position.

This realization has been a testament to the inclusive and collaborative nature of AntiSocial's work environment. The team's genuine interest in hearing my perspectives has fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to projects and initiatives.

What is your advice to those seeking an internship?

Confidence really is key. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality and showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd. When I first crossed paths with the team from AntiSocial at a school networking event, I made a conscious decision to be unapologetically myself. Now, I must admit, I have a rather loud personality, so this approach could have easily backfired if I found myself talking with an agency that wasn't the right fit. For me, the most crucial aspect in my internship search was finding an agency that felt like a natural extension of who I am. I firmly believe that I shouldn't have to change anything about myself to fit into a particular environment, and I encourage everyone to adopt the same mindset. 

The journey of finding an internship is about mutual compatibility. It's about discovering an environment where you can thrive while embracing your true identity. So, trust yourself, trust the process, and have confidence that everything will fall into place just as it's meant to be.