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Introducing the world’s newest K-pop trainees with the #WelcomeTo GangnamProject dance challenge 🫰✨

To launch the new coming-of-age show produced by the CBC/BBC, we created an irresistibly fun social challenge with help from some dance creators and the cast themselves — plus some extra social content, just for funsies.


Top of the charts?
You know it:

  • 70+

    dancers from Vancouver to London dancing 
to Welcome to my World

  • 140K+

    organic video views across TikTok and Instagram

  • 8,400+

    cross-platform organic engagement

  • 6.48%

    average engagement rate 

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A hype campaign to get families, dance lovers, and K-pop stans to tune in for the show’s launch.

In the streaming era, there’s too many shows to watch and too little time. There are also complicated restrictions around advertising to the pre-teen demo that would most relate to the story of Gangnam project. Instead, the show needed buzzy, fun social content that could reach and excite other prospective fans – who could share it with the pre-teens in their lives, too.

The Solution

A true K-pop debut for the K-pop show of the year.

We launched the #WelcomeToGangnamProject dance challenge with the cast, clips from the show, and Canadian dance micro influencers and creators. Dance challenges are huge in the K-pop scene, so we wanted to tap into what K-pop stans already know and love to get them excited for Gangnam Project. We also created player cards for the OME trainees and live-posted through the series premiere event.